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Children's Book recommendations

posted Aug 22, 2011 01:53:25 by KayteMcCoy
I'd love to hear what books you suggest for young children. Particularly girls.

At a garage sale we came accross a few American Girl mini novels and a Little House book. I'd love to find more of these series. My girls really enjoy being read to. I'd thought these books would be for when they are older but my Maddie (4) begs me to read another Chapter of Little House to her. (And I love these stories too!) I really hope she keeps being a book lover. My Eden (3) doesn't sit still for as long but hopefully she'll develop a love of books in time. =)

So, what are your recommendations?
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ChristinaUlmerMeece said Aug 23, 2011 16:07:19
Hi, Kayte! I usually read to my kids before nap time. I read a picture book to Savannah (2 1/2)and then put her and the baby down for their naps. Then I read to the older kids. I've been reading a Bobbsey Twins book (written in the 60's). I've had three of the Bobbsey Twins series FOREVER, but the kids love this one so much I would love to find more. They are mystery oriented and leave you hanging each chapter! I've been wanting to read the Little House books to my kids, but my mom is borrowing them right now!
Mrs. Julie Fink said Aug 23, 2011 22:12:57
When our girls were younger, we liked to work our way through many of the Caldecott Winner books. Not all of them were something that we wanted to read, but we found many titles and authors that we would never have found otherwise. Have you all read the "All in a kind family" series? Another GREAT resource is to get a hold of a good homeschool resource catalog (like "My Father's World) and they always have a great list of books for every age level. We always had one of these on hand and were led to so many great titles because of it. Hope this helps. Also, do you own "Honey for a Child's Heart" by Gladys Hunt or "Books Children Love" by Elizabeth Wilson (I think). They were great resource tools we used too.
NoraBergstrom said Sep 02, 2011 14:17:59
A really great book with family ideas/advice and lots of suggested books to read to them is Pete and Frieda Cowling's book, "Recipes for Rearing Children". It also has alot fo the old fun songs with finger actions, etc... It comes with a DVD supplement, too. You'll love it.
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