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Starting a girl's teen class

posted Aug 12, 2011 19:43:06 by NoraBergstrom
I would love to get some advice from you out there that have experience with working with teen girls. I'm a pastor's wife who has taught every other age of kid but not teen girls. We're a small KJV church, conservative in practice, and running about 40 people, At this time I would have three teen girls. The girls are a mix of bus kid, stable home but worldly, and my 14 yr old daughter. I'd like to know curriculum used and "odds and ends". Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Mrs. Julie Fink said Aug 13, 2011 12:28:34
Have you ever read "Pattern for Living" by Marlene Evans? We taught through this years ago and it was very helpful as we had a "mixed audience" just like you did.
NoraBergstrom said Aug 13, 2011 15:30:36
I've not read that one. I'll order it today and get reading! Thanks.
KayteMcCoy said Aug 22, 2011 01:53:57
I loved teaching this age group... right now I teach 5-10 yr. old boys and girls. But the teen girl is really a fun class to me. I did not use a curriculum at that time (since then, our church has started using Bogard press/Baptist Sunday School Committee). We also have small SS classes and I made a lesson up each week. I'd often take something from my personal devotions or a devotional such as Streams in the Desert and build a lesson off of it. I tried to have something visual for each lesson.

A different lady in our church had taught the teen girls for a while and she did a neat thing that the girls still use/remember a few eyars later... she taught them a way of studying the Bible. LIke when you come to a Bible promise, it's gets a certain mark or color highlights. When a commandment, a different one, etc. The girls seemed to really like that. And what could be a better thing for them to learn and be excited about?!!

I'm sure you'll do great! Have fun!
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NoraBergstrom said Aug 22, 2011 17:37:58
Thanks for the input. Sounds like good ideas to use.
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