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posted Jul 28, 2011 13:53:18 by Mrs. Julie Fink
Anybody going on vacation this summer? Where are you going or where have you gone? We will be heading to Door County in August (I think ~ sometimes our plans change last minute and that's fun too).
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ChristinaUlmerMeece said Jul 29, 2011 12:24:45
We are dropping the kiddos off at Grammy's house and going to a preaching conference in Southern Indiana for three nights. Woo hoo for alone time!!
KayteMcCoy said Aug 02, 2011 00:26:45
We took a few days to go camping a couple of huors away. For several years, we've planned but never actually taken a family vacation so this was a really special treat. We've finally figured out that scheduling the family vaca for the END of summer does not work out for us. Going as soon as possible after school was out was the way to go for us. We had a fun fun time.

We also just got back from a 3 day conference (Northeast Vision Summit) in NJ. This is a really one-of-a-kind conference... the cost is $0! Senior pastor's even have their hotel provided! Breakfast at the hotel and lunch at the church (really yummy I might add!) and snacks/treats after the evening service. And nursery/childcare (plus really fun outings for the older kids/teens). It's for the whole family and is just the most encouraging, uplifting time.
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ChristinaUlmerMeece said Aug 06, 2011 22:33:44
Mrs. Fink, I wanted to share with you a little bit about our trip we took last week. We are SO GLAD we went. First of all we dropped the kiddos off at my mom's and headed out in our little Saturn. My husband stopped at Walmart to re-charge the air-conditioner, over-filled it, and then it didn't work at all! We roasted clear down to the Ohio, river! LOL! But, we survived and have learned to be THANKFUL for air-conditioning! We made it to the meetin' (you have to say meetin' down there, being so close to Kentucky!) In time for the Monday evening service. It was the most unusual (in a wonderful way) "conference" we've ever been to. In fact, I wouldn't call it a conference, it was more like an old-fashioned tent-revival, without the tent! There were dozens of visiting pastors, evangelists and missionaries. And, Oh, the music! There was more talent in that church building than I've seen anywhere. They didn't rush the song-service. We sang, and sang, until our hearts were open to the preaching. We'd finish the congregational and the old gravel-voiced preacher would say, "Sing another 'un!" The preaching was phenomenal and uplifting. They didn't rush the preaching! They didn't rush the altar call! It just made you fall in love with God all over again and want to do anything in your power to serve Him! There was such a spirit of unity in that group, and such love! It reminded me of the verse, "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." The conference went until Thursday night with preaching in the morning and evening. I didn't know how I'd like going to one that long, but Thursday night we were all wishing it would go on forever! Like the conference Katy went to, they provided our hotel room and served all meals at the church (I'm sure I gained a couple of pounds!) We truly were spoiled!

It was very needed for my husband and I to have this time alone. Someone thought we were newlyweds!!! Indeed I felt like one!
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