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Sunday School Curriculum

posted Jul 07, 2011 14:59:30 by BeckyTroup
Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows or any good, KJV SS curriculum for girls ages 6-12????? I was teaching ages 7-16. Big range I know! Now, it's 6-12. I have been using the Abeka Bible stories, but they don't take up all of the time. I'd like to be teaching them other things...need some ideas and input please.
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Mrs. Julie Fink said Jul 08, 2011 00:04:04
We use the stuff from Regular Baptist Press and we are happy with it. Also, we love everything that comes from Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN, so you might check there too!
BeckyTroup said Jul 08, 2011 17:58:06
thanks! our church is so small that I have to pay for whatever I get myself, so I'm a little limited there, but I'm going to check out those two options....thanks!
KayteMcCoy said Jul 08, 2011 23:32:12
We use Baptist Sunday School Committee and I really like it a lot. We have more to cover/do than time allows, which is a good problem in my opinion! Lots of object/interactive ideas in every lesson.

I teach the same ages as yours and we use the Bible Basics - primary. If you look into this option, they sell materials ala cart... so we get a teacher manual (this is the actual lesson), visual aids (also vitally important... they are referenced in the manuel), students make and takes (simple crafts that bring the lesson to life)... noramlly, students workbooks (they are rip-out pages for each lesson) would also be used but we decided not to order them. We did not have the time to cover them, plus with a bus route it can be hard to predict how many kids you'll have. We order extra make and takes but no student books. (Plus between you and me, the kids just left them all over the church anyway... many thought of them as homework) So that would be one way to cut costs down.

Teacher manual- 3.95 you only need one of these
Make and Takes - 2.60 one for each student
visual aids - 7.55 (only need one)
learners books - 2.80 (one for each student)

If costs are really prohibitive you could forgo the make and takes... there are lots of ideas for each lesson in the teacher's manual. But the little crafts sure are easy!

2 things worth mentioning:
THis company does use depictions of Christ in the visuals and make and takes. He is always masculine with short hair, so I personally do not mind. I simple mention periodically that we don't actually know what Christ looks like... this is just one person's idea.
Occassionally, the Bible verse (KJV always) is just a partial verse and that is not my preference, so I just change it to the whole verse, or sometimes I pick an entirely different verse.
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BeckyTroup said Jul 14, 2011 16:21:29
Thank you so much for taking your time to answer! I'll check it out!
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