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Eskimo Whaling Feast & Culture

posted Jun 20, 2011 22:30:53 by Naomi
Hello, ladies! My family and I are missionaries in a little Alaskan Eskimo village. I am SO BLESSED to have a part in the Lord's work among the Eskimo people! God has been so good to my family. This week on my blog, Windfalls of Grace, I am writing about and sharing pictures of our village's whaling feast called Nalukataq. I thought perhaps some of you might be curious about the culture of the Eskimo people so I thought I would to invite you to see my blog posts. I will be sharing more pictures throughout the week. Here is a link to today's post:
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Mrs. Julie Fink said Jun 20, 2011 23:08:57
I am heading over to check it out right now. I am VERY fascinated by Alaska, the Eskimos and whales too!
ChristinaUlmerMeece said Jun 22, 2011 02:33:55
I enjoyed reading your blog post, Naomi! You take very good photographs! May the Lord bless you in your ministry! :)
Naomi said Jun 22, 2011 19:06:04
Mrs. Julie Fink said Jun 23, 2011 03:22:15
I was surprised to see how 'westernized' the Eskimos were. I'm not sure what I was expecting :). Do they speak English? And by the way, do YOU get to see much wildlife where you are located in Alaska?
Naomi said Jun 23, 2011 04:51:40
Yes, Mrs. Fink, the Eskimo people are quite "westernized." I think a lot of the changes to their culture has to do with their access to satellite TV and the Internet. It takes very little influence for people to change their ways. And yes, they speak English primarily. The elders speak Inupiak fluently among themselves and it is so neat to hear -- it has a musical sound to it, I think =) -- but sadly the younger generations are losing the ability to understand and speak it.

As far as wildlife goes, we see many caribou. Caribou is our main meat staple. They sometimes graze within our village. Here are some pictures I took a few winters back: Rabid fox are a threat most winters and we see them slink about the streets every now and then. Polar bears wander into our village frequently during fall and winter. Folks chase them back towards the ocean, but if they keep coming back they are shot. Even though they come into the village so often my family and I have not seen even ONE in the six years we've been here! We always miss the excitement. =)
Naomi said Jun 23, 2011 19:57:00
Here are the last of my pictures from Nalukataq:
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