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posted Jun 06, 2011 17:31:01 by Mrs. Julie Fink
What do you think of the layout of this template for my web-site? Do you like it better than the one I have now?
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Naomi said Jun 06, 2011 17:51:40
That looks very nice! Hmm... however, I think maybe it could use a pretty background... then it would be "you." =)
Mrs. Julie Fink said Jun 06, 2011 18:27:35
Do you like the layout of it better than the one I have now? I'm not sure if I could add a back ground or not. I know I could change the colors.
nancimusser said Jun 06, 2011 18:47:01
Love your new website. Your so creative? This past weekend my hubby and I made a delicious Italian meal together.
Homemade pasta with diced tomatoes in it and homemade sauce. Delicious and a fun thing to do together. Glad you had a nice birthday time together.
lv nancy
Naomi said Jun 06, 2011 19:02:43
Yes, I do like the layout of the "Fresh Journal" theme very much, Mrs. Fink. I like how everything stands out so nicely. What I like about the layout you have right now is how you have personalized it as a reflection of yourself. =)
SarahCharters said Jun 06, 2011 23:00:48
I think the 'fresh journal' layout is really nice, and it would certainly appeal to a 'younger' crowd where as your website now seems a bit more modest? [is]
I have full confidence that whatever you decide to do, it will always look great! You could always try the other theme out and then ask people what they think? :-D
Mrs. Julie Fink said Jun 06, 2011 23:30:37
Thanks for your input Sarah! And yours too Naomi!
SarahCharters said Jun 06, 2011 23:38:22
I still can't remember how I came across your blog all those years ago, but I am so glad that I did. I thoroughly enjoy every single post! [and] ♥
KayteMcCoy said Jun 07, 2011 00:33:02
I kinda like the current layout best but either one is attractive.
Blessed beyond measure wife, mommy, coffee addict, boo-boo kisser, toilet scrubber & lover of the life God has given me!
ChristinaUlmerMeece said Jun 13, 2011 16:44:15
I also like the current layout best. It is very homey and easy to navigate. Whatever you decide, I will continue to be an avid reader! :)
Mrs. Julie Fink said Jun 15, 2011 02:24:07
Thanks for your inputs. I think what I might do is have someone update this template in the months ahead :) Because it really is so easy to use and set things up on.
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